AeroBull XXL

To us, nothing is impossible.

We were inspired to create a speaker like any other. Equal part French design and revolutionary technology AeroBull XXL is a state-of-the-art home stereo system.

Standing two meters tall and fortified with 7500W of wireless audio power, the AeroBull XXL is a composite materials mega-system suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

The AeroBull XXL is a networked active-audio powerhouse. This turnkey product delivers larger-than-life stereo sound thanks to the dual internal amplifiers and optimized subwoofer for resounding bass.

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High Resolution Audio

Impressive inside and out, the two-meter-tall AeroBull XXL features a stereo pair of 20 cm co-axial drivers and a 53 cm neodymium woofer with bass reflex.

A 7500 watt high-efficiency amplifier provides the electro-acoustic framework. AeroBull XXL is a full-range stereo sound system complete with high frequency spectral realism.

Wired Inputs

The AeroBull XXL supports high-definition audio throughout its wireless and wired signals paths.

The AeroBull XXL supports XLR audio input, as well as AES/EBU digital audio input for your pro-audio scenarios.

Surrounding sound

Born of a passion for industrial design and technical genius, AeroBull XXL is the iconic culmination of our French heritage and design: a tremendous audio powerhouse.

Unbelievable Turnkey Product

The AeroBull XXL integrates seamlessly with AeroSystem’s iOS AeroPlayer mobile application for multi-room connectivity, music playback, audio customization, and even remote control.

A wide range of wi-fi audio connectivity options allow for easy audio streaming and system integration. Bluetooth has been added to further maximise ease-of-use and connectivity options.






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