Inspired by the beauty of the materials and craftsmanship, AeroSystem has created a speaker that redefines acoustic rules. Combining technology and design, AeroFrame is a technical achievement and a delight for the senses.

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The Craftsman's Heritage

Combining time-honored techniques and
characterful design, the manufacture of our speakers is a fine craft.

With AeroFrame, we wanted to highlight technology and fine craftsmanship to create a state-of-the-art wireless audio system which celebrates AeroSystems’s vision to combine the best in design and acoustics

A unique work of art, the AeroFrame brings appealing contrast to any space for an unmatched audio experience.

Surrounding sound

AeroFrame simultaneously challenges the limits of space and acoustic laws this is the first time ever such an archistructural audio system has such a powerful sound. Behind the finesse and the elegant design of the AeroFrame lies an extremely powerful sound system.

Dual 50 mm twitters are integrated on the top providing precise and delicate high frequency tones, the dynamic 135 mm subwoofer occupies the lower portion insures powerful bass and overall music experience unlike any other.

Equipped with 2.1 technology AeroFrame delivers 200 Watts of stereo sound with zero distortion for an absolutely immersive emotional experience.

Immersive Experience

The sound of one AeroFrame is more than sufficient to occupy a large space and guarantees an enchanting listening.

For larger or more powerful sound, you can connect two AeroFrame in Bluetooth mode for the ultimate home stereo experience with true wireless.




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