AeroBull XS1

The AeroBull’s little brother is smaller, but still powerful. The AeroBull XS offers incredibly powerful sound  thanks to 2.1 stereo technology and 120 watts. You can take it anywhere to enhance your style, thanks to its portable size weight and the most powerful rechargeable battery in the market *, offering 12 hours of battery life.
It will be perfect for your room, your office or on a night out with friends.

* Study conducted on all devices of comparable size and range.

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High-End Design

Technology is important to AeroSystem, but design is essential. With the AeroBull, we decided to create a work of art, to celebrate the French Bulldog that we’re all in love with. Its irresistible design coupled with incredible technological characteristics will make it your new best friend.

Everywhere, Every time

Thanks to its 12 -hour battery life, its 31cm, and lightweight frame, you can bring it anywhere, for any occasion. Moreover, with its Bluetooth connection, compatible with all your favorite music and podcast apps, it allows you to listen wherever it suits you.

Surrounding sound

The AeroBull XS is equipped with 2.1 technology, meaning two front-facing speakers delivering strong, clear treble and mid-range tones coupled with one built-in subwoofer on the back, delivering resounding bass.

Furthermore, the front-facing tweeters are working independently, in stereo, which create an illusion of multi-directional audio perspective and makes you dive into an immersive sound experience.

Immersive Experience

Amplify your listening experience by connecting two AeroBull speakers together .

The True Wireless technology flawlessly splits audio channels between left and right, allowing you to pair two speakers (in BT mode) for an authentic stereo sound experience.









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